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Monday, August 19, 2019 | Summer Intensive: Advanced Portraiture (Drawing & Painting) at Winged Canvas Art Hub


Teens will learn the fundamental drawing skills needed to draw and paint accurate and realistic faces. We’ll cover techniques such as proportion, realistic shading and structure. Plus, we’ll go beyond realism and learn how to draw caricatures of our favourite celebrities, including how to draw exaggerated faces and features to create awesome fan art. Skills learned: Shading, line, drawing realistic shapes and form, caricature Supplemental Programs: Painting Techniques in Acrylic & Oil, Illustration & Watercolour


Event Details:

Date: August 19 - August 23
Time: 10:15am - 4:30pm
Venue: 185 Bullock Drive, #1, Markham, ON
Email: 9052051231