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TechZenik offers the most comprehensive STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education programs in the GTA. We take a no-nonsense approach on our journey to teach students STEM. We teach students the most real-world, practical and business relevant STEM skills enhance the chances of going into a STEM career for students.

Teaching STEM in the early years enables children to make important connections between everyday life and STEM disciplines. We invest heavily in equipment and tools that are required in STEM programs so that students will have full access to whatever they need.


We do programs in Robotics, Programming, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Creative Technology, Mathematics, One-to-One Learning Support, After School Specialty Program. We also have a Trial Demo Class for kids curious about our programs and not sure whether they should register. Students who are enrolled in our programs will be able to build a portfolio of what they have accomplished, get help with their current school work and have an enriched understanding of STEM curriculum.