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Here is wonderful list of reading picks for the twenty-five days in December with a great idea how to make it feel even more like the holidays...we gift wrap each book and the kids take turns opening one a day. Even though we've owned some of these books for years, it's like opening a new gift each day. Think of it like an Advent Calendar of Christmas Books!!
Day Book Title Author
1 The Christmas Penguin Mary Packard
2 One Special Tree Olena Kassiam
3 Stranger in the Woods Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick
4 Two Christmas Mice Corinne Demas
5 Sadie and the Snowman Allen Morgan
6 Just One Goal Robert Munsch
7 Time To Sleep Denise Fleming
8 The Wild Christmas Reindeer Jan Brett
9 On A Wintry Morning Dori Chaconas
10 Anna's Red Sled Patricia Quinlan
11 Emma's Magic Winter Jean Little
12 The Christmas Angel Pirkoo Vainio
13 How Cold Was It? Jane Barclay
14 The Hockey Tree David Ward
15 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Robert L. May
16 The Little Snowflake Steve Metzger
17 Something from Nothing Phoebe Gilman
18 The Three Snow Bears Jan Brett
19 Simon and the Snowflakes Gilles Tibo
20 McDuff's New Friend Rosemary Wells & Susan Jeffers
21 This is the Star Joyce Dunbar
22 The Christmas Tree Fairy Marion Rose & Jason Cockcroft
23 Christmas at the Top of the World Tim Coffey
24 The Night Before Christmas Clement C. Moore

The Christmas Candle

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