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Spring is in the air, and who doesn't love it? Getting outside in sunny warmer weather feels great (and long overdue), but spring is also a great season to pay attention to your indoor environment. It?s time to pop the windows open and start your spring cleaning.

But before you reach into the cabinet, consider the ingredients in your cleaning products. Most conventional cleaning supplies contain ingredients that are hazardous to people and the environment. The good news is, it's easy to detoxify your cleaning routine by choosing natural cleaning agents.

Nearly everything you need to clean your counters, floors, toilet bowls, and more can be found in some baking soda, vinegar, lemon and water. Baking soda is a common, inexpensive household item that can be used for many kinds of cleaning projects. More effective than many commercially-produced cleaners, it's also non-toxic, environmentally-friendly and inexpensive. There are nearly a million and one uses for the stuff, but here are six good ones to help you around the house.

1. Baking Soda Unclogs Drains
Mix 1/2 cup with vinegar and cover your drain for 1 hour. Flush down with hot water.

2. Eliminates Odors (like weird pet smells)
For the litter box, add one part baking soda first and then three parts kitty litter; you can eliminate the wet dog/cat smell by sprinkling your pet with baking soda then brushing.

3. Gets Out Stains
Got sweat stains? Make a baking soda and water paste and rub into the spot. Allow to sit for at least an hour to get out tough stains. Wash as usual.

4. Cleans Mildew Stains from Bathroom Tiles
Mix 2 cups baking soda and 1/2 cup water. Stir until it forms a paste and scrape grout with an old toothbrush.

5. Counter Cleaning
Want squeaky clean counters? Mix 4 Tbsp. baking soda with 2 Tbsp of lemon juice. Wipe with damp cloth. Great for getting rid of smells!

6. Dirty Dishes
For your dirty dishes mix together 1-1/2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda with 2 Tablespoons of Borax. Use in place of automatic dishwasher detergent.

Thank you to Gwen's Healing Garden for many of these suggestions. Visit for more ideas or to order your own booklet.