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This is one holiday tradition that my kids particularly love. We make reindeer food every year and sprinkle it on our front lawn after dark on Christmas Eve. Santa shouldn't be the only one to get treats for all his hard work. Small bags of reindeer food make a great gift for young friends too!


  • Raw Oatmeal
  • Glitter (use a silver or gold base and mix red and green in with it)
  • Plastic lunch baggies
  • Ribbon
  • Paper or cardstock

    How To Make It

    1. Pour about 1/8 cup of oatmeal in baggie. Add some glitter. Close baggie.
    2. Attach with ribbon to the front of the baggie the following message. "On Christmas Eve, sprinkle this wonderful Reindeer Food on your lawn. The shiny glitter will sparkle in the moonlight and the smell of oats will guide Rudolph to your home."
    3. Some years we add raisins or nuts to the mix as well, depending what we have in our cupboards!

    reindeer food

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