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It's never about the stuff ~ it's all about what the stuff represents, and there clearly seems to be an emotional connection to the clutter 'hot spots', the rooms where most of our stuff accumulates. It's as though each room in the house holds special significance to an aspect in our lives.
If these symbolic meanings ring true for you, take steps to clear the clutter in the offending room and see if it brings about changes to the corresponding areas in your life. You may be surprised at the results! Uncover the emotional link to your clutter and change your life!

The Front Entrance: Does the front entrance of your home say 'welcome', or 'go away'? Clutter at the front door can indicate difficulty transitioning between who we are at work versus who we are at home; we are in control and polished at work but feel out of control and frazzled at home ~ a disconnect between ourinner and outer selves. If you want your home to reflect who you are and to feel like a sanctuary, clear the clutter in the front hall.

The Kitchen: Clutter here suggests that our health and wellness is being neglected, resistance to nourishing our body and our spirit, illustrating a lack of emotional support and self-control. De-clutter your kitchen to take back your personal power.

The Living Room/Family Room: Clutter here reveals an absence of camaraderie and fellowship with others. It is symbolic of burying our true selves from others and can be associated with feelings of isolation. If you want to improve your social life, begin by clearing the clutter in your living/family room.

The Bedroom: The most important room in the home to keep clutter free, excess stuff reveals many things; intimacy is not cherished, connections are broken, deprivation of restful sleep, resistance to solitude and an inability to relax. If you want to rekindle the romance, attract a mate or get a good nights sleep, make space in the bedroom.

The Bathroom: Clutter here illustrates a lack of reverence for one's self and feelings of unworthiness, issues with body image or personal presentation, a lack of safety and a feeling of vulnerability. Increase your self-confidence by tackling the build-up of stuff in the bathroom.

The Basement: The foundation of the house, stuff piling up here may indicate that life is built on a shaky foundation. It may also reveal an inability to release past baggage in relationships. If you want to move forward and attract new opportunities and experiences, let go of the clutter in your basement.

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