Back to articles Cool down this summer and get creative with your kids at Crock A Doodle!

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It's been one HOT summer which can be challenging with kids if you don't have air conditioning (and even if you do!). We decided to spend one of the hottest days in July going to our local Crock A Doodle to do some painting!

Great selection!

If you've never been to a Crock A Doodle, here's a bit more info about them. They are a drop in centre for painting pottery. Reservartions aren't necessary and there are no studio fees. When you arrive, you choose the piece you want to paint from the wide range of pottery items they supply from mugs to platters to ceramic figurines to vases and more!.


Show your true colours

Then you grab a seat, decide which cool colours you want to use, fill your individual pallet with paint and let the creative juices flow! Anything goes...this is the part I really love... watching how everyone does something different! Painting is a fabulous activity for the WHOLE FAMILY... younger kids, boys, girls, teenagers, moms & dads and even grandparents!

Everyone can have fun creating their own masterpiece. This visit my son made a fun basketball plate, his friend did a cool under-the-sea mug, my daughter painted a horsey door plaque for her room and her friend created a stunning bowl!


Can't wait to see the final piece

Once you finish painting, don't forget to initial or sign the back or bottom of the item to help identify it as your own. The staff will then take the painted pieces and at the end of each night, they load up their giant KILN, fire it up and let it bake!

It's important to know that you won't be taking your pieces home with you the day that you paint them. You will have to come back about a week later once the kiln process has finished. You'll be amazed at the effect that baking the pottery has on it... it turns even the dull-ish colours into bright and glossy artwork!

Crock A Doodle is Canada's own paint your own pottery company. Their drop-in studio format means you can come anytime–no reservations needed. Guests enjoy some creative together-time transforming ready-to-paint pottery pieces into their own amazing works of art. They professionally glaze and kiln-fire the pieces to a brilliant, durable finish to become functional dishware, unique souvenirs, one-of-a-kind gifts and precious

Crock A Doodle has over 20 locations. To find a studio nearest to you, visit their website

This review was sponsored by Crock A Doodle, however the opinions expressed and photos included are my own. Special thanks to the staff at the Whitby location for a fabulous experience with my kids.