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Monique Howatt provides parents with some cyber-bullying wisdom.

If you knew a rapist or pedophile had just escaped from a prison located close to your house, would you leave all your doors and windows open?

Using the internet with disregard for the danger it poses, is a little like leaving your doors and windows open for bad guys to enter your home.


  1. Tell your kids never to give out their hotmail password, even if it’s to someone they trust. Yes, it’s true that most kids don’t think twice about sharing their food, clothes and even locker combinations but they need to know that they should never share their internet passwords!


  1. Teach kids NOT to say anything on the internet that they wouldn’t say to a person’s face. If they’re not sure if their actions or words would have a negative impact or consequence, suggest they ask themselves if it would be OK if their words were on the front page of the local newspaper.


  1. Have regular conversations with your kids so that they feel comfortable telling you if they’re being bullied on-line. Make time for regular communication.


  1. Inform your kids to take a stand on cyber bullying by not participating in it and speaking up against it. Every time your child adds their words or thoughts to a “hate” website it makes them guilty of bullying too.


  1. Make sure your kids understand that it’s against the law. New legislation was introduced by Dalton McGinty that makes cyber bullying an offence to which a child can be expelled or suspended from school.


*Did you know there is a brand new 2 year course at Durham College called internet security? If you have a teen that isn’t sure what they want to do with their future, perhaps this will interest them?About the Author: Monique Howat is a youth motivator.
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