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A new school year is almost here--how will your child prepare?
The countdown to school is on! For most, getting ready to head back to school means buying a new book bag, new school supplies, and new clothes. All these things are important; they help kids head back to school in style, but they do nothing to help children get better grades or have a successful school year.

This year children everywhere should head back to school with the ultimate accessory for the classroom--a brain that is ready to learn!

Don't wait--anticipate

Don't wait and see how your child will do this school year--be prepared for success from the first day of school by implementing good habits that will last the entire school year! These Six Tips For School Success help students of all ages (and their families) be more prepared to head back to the classroom and have a successful school year!

  1. Begin early. Whether school is a month or a week away, or even if the school year has already begun, it is never too late to implement positive changes that can lead to better grades. However, the earlier that you get your child on track, the easier it is for them to stay there.

  2. Get informed. Develop regular communication with the teacher so that both you and your child know what to expect at this grade level. Be informed of important school dates (big projects, standardized testing) well in advance to avoid last-minute scrambles.

  3. Use a family calendar. Manage school, family, and extra curricular activities with a daily reminder courtesy of a large wall calendar.

  4. Break bad habits. Don?t fall back into old routines and bad habits. Start this year with a fresh and new positive routine.

  5. Get help. Avoid struggling this year from the get-go by making the decision to get professional support for children as soon as you think they may need.

  6. Don't wait and see. It's easy to want to wait until the first report card for an update on how a child is progressing, but why wait? If a child had difficulties last year, make sure you get regular updates from teachers so that there are no surprises when report cards come home.

Being prepared for the classroom early on is the best way to ensure that the school year starts off on the right foot. When you begin the year with organization and a plan for success, the school year won't be left to chance and there will be no unpleasant surprises!

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