Back to articles Easy Christmas Crafts That Will WOW Your Preschoolers

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Here are some wonderful Christmas crafts that will WOW your preschooler(and older kids too if they like!)

1. Snowman Christmas cards

Glue a snowman cut-out to the front of a construction paper card. After decorating the snowman, attach the poem below and a small packet of hot chocolate or apple cider to the inside of the card. Have your child tape a candy cane to the front of the card for the snowman's cane.

Poem: To Keep You Warm

Here's a little snowman soup

Complete with stirring stick

Add hot water and sip it slow

It's sure to do the trick

2. Christmas Wreath

Cut out the center of a white paper plate and paint the outer part of the plate green. Glue trios of Cheerios cereal to the wreath. When the glue is dry, dip a paint brush in red paint and dab over the cheerios so they resemble holly berries. Glue on a gift bow to the bottom of the wreath.

3. Milk carton Gingerbread Houses

Supplies Needed:

White icing(store bought or a recipe)

empty, clean 2L milk cartons

graham cracker squares

decorations:a variety of candies, sprinkles, etc.

Have all of your decorations, candies etc. in individual bowls. Prepare white icing/frosting if you are not using store bought.

Cut your milk carton in half width-wise and staple the tops closed. Cut each milk carton to make one or two doors. Secure the milk carton with the white icing onto a paper plate or a sheet of wax paper on top of cardboard. Attach graham cracker squares to sides of milk carton by spreading icing on milk carton and pressing cracker firmly onto carton. Do the same for the roof. For the area between the sides and roof, cut a graham cracker in half on the diagonal to form a triangle and attach the same way.

Once you have your sides and roof attached, use icing to attach decorations and candies to your house.

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