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Dietitians of Canada have created an interactive menu planning tool to help you plan and make easy meals.

Dietitians of Canada staff at EatRight Ontario have launched My Menu Planner!  Check out this new tool at This interactive menu planning tool will provide you with menu planning help and easy-to-use meal plans.  


Each menu plan has been designed by Registered Dietitians to meet the recommendations in Canada’s Food Guide.  You can personalize the menus for your own individual healthy eating goals by choosing your menu and favourite meals, snacks and beverages.  Once you’re finished with your menu you can print out a shopping list and recipes.  Here are the menus that you will find at My Menu Planner:


X Smart Eating for Everyday Meals (a great place to start for general healthy eating tips) X Healthy Weight Healthy You (if you’re looking to lose weight) X Eat Right for less X Eat Right the Vegetarian Way X Eating for an Active Lifestyle (if you’re regularly active for more than 60 minutes/day) X Cooking for One or Two Made Easy X On-the-go and Eating Right


More new EatRight Ontario features:


Do you have questions about the Nutrition Facts table?  You’ll be able to make healthier choices at the grocery store after watching our five part video series on nutrition labelling at


Has diabetes been on your mind lately? If you’re concerned about preventing diabetes, check out EatRight Ontario’s newly expanded section on diabetes prevention at 


Ask your questions about menu planning, diabetes and nutrition labelling by calling or emailing one of the Registered Dietitians at EatRight Ontario.  If you’ve ever wondered about what to expect when contacting EatRight Ontario, watch our sample call at



EatRight Ontario was launched by Dietitians of Canada and the Ministry of Health Promotion to provide the people of Ontario with easy and reliable access to nutrition information free of charge.

Here are the three easy ways to connect with a Registered Dietitian:

X Call the toll-free number: 1-877-510-510-2.

X Send an email at and receive a personalized response.

X Visit the website for articles, menu planning and recipes at