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Here are five must-do's for the expectant mama...

1. Get Support. There are so many options and choices available for pregnant women and their families. Deciding where you have your baby (home or hospital) and finding the right care provider (OBGYN or Midwife) who will support you during your pregnancy is the first step to ensuring a healthy and positive outcome. The International Cesarean Awareness Network has great resources to help expectant families choose the primary care provider that is best for them.

    2. Get Active. Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy is an essential part of any new mom's health and wellness plan. Women who are active (exercising at least 30 minutes/day and 3 times per week) will have improved circulation, experience less lower back pain, reduced risk of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure, and will have an easier time losing weight post baby. Prenatal Yoga & fitness classes, swimming, walking and Aqua aerobics are great examples of low impact activities suitable for expectant moms.

    3. Get Informed. Childbirth Education classes are an essential ingredient for expectant families. Medical interventions have become so complex you will need time, focus, and an open mind to understand the multiple options that may impact your pregnancy and birth. Lamaze and Hypnobirthing classes are offered throughout Durham Region. You will feel more prepared and confident in your childbirth experience when you are informed and educated about your options.

    4. Consider a Doula. Women who chose to have a Doula present at their birth report a more positive birth experience, request pain medication less often, reduce their likelihood of an unplanned caesarean surgery by 50% and often experience shorter labours!

    5. Relax and Enjoy. Take time to pamper yourself and trust that your body knows exactly what to do to grow a happy, healthy baby. Choose activities that relax you, like reading a good book, enjoying a walk along the nature trails in your community or experiencing the benefits of massage. Finding the relaxation strategies that work for you during your pregnancy will also come in handy during labour and after the birth of your baby.

    Article thanks to Jennifer Rogers of FITMOM Durham.