Back to articles Getting to know your Baby with 3D Ultrasound

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Many expecting parents are finding that 3D ultrasounds give them the opportunity to get to know their baby before it's born.


Moms-to-be these days find it hard to imagine what it was like for their own moms going through an entire pregnancy without so much as one ultrasound, especially when women today can opt for services, like UC Baby in Whitby, that provide not only an ultrasound, but a 3D image of their baby before it’s born.


3D/4D ultrasounds are unlike any other. They allow prospective parents to see their baby smile, yawn, stretch and show clear pictures and actions of the unborn baby such as smiling, yawning, stretching, and hiccups.


According to UC Baby, “the opportunity to see her unborn baby so unrealistically” helps mom bond to the baby and tends to increase feelings her of maternal well-being. 3D ultrasounds don’t only benefit the mother-to-be, they are also a great way for fathers and siblings feel more connected to the pregnancy as well. For instance, parents can take home pictures and DVDs of their baby’s activities within the womb that they can share with their other children, grandparents, and eventually, their new baby.