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Summer is over and school is in. Justing getting out the door to school is a pretty common family challenge that many will be faced with in the weeks ahead. Here are the links to some articles I have posted that should help you start the school year on the right foot!

The Dawdling Toddler
How to get your little one dressed (or not) and in the car when its time to go to school

Happy Snappy Good Bye
Learn how to ?drop and run? to help reduce the anxiety your tot may be experiencing in their new environment.

Yupper - somebody is going to get bit and someone is going to get bitten in their classroom this week. It?s a fact (not a catastrophe!), so here is some good advice on how to deal with it.

Getting Kids to School On Time
For older children, you can begin training them to handle the responsibility of managing their morning schedule and time commitments without your badgering.

I hope this helps you have a more pleasant (and timely) send off to the day! Alyson Sch�fer is a psychotherapist, parent coach, popular public speaker and host of "The Parenting Show" Rogers Television.. She teaches parent education classes and works with parents one-on-one in her parent coaching practice. For more information on Alyson, please visit her website at