Back to articles Happy Kids = Happy Renovation! Experts share how to tackle a renovation with kids

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Home renovations are a big undertaking at the best of times, now add kids to the mix and the stressors easily multiply. All that noise and dust can make for troubled tempers and interrupted routines. We all know home renovations can be disruptive. No one wants to live in an active construction zone with kids. The good news for renovating parents is that it is doable, especially when you plan ahead.


We’ve asked home and renovation experts from the upcoming Home Show, Home Improvement Edition, formerly known as the GTA Home & Reno Show running February 14-17, 2020 at the International Centre, Mississauga, to share advice for keeping kids safe and happy throughout a renovation.

Set Realistic Expectations

Setting realistic expectations of what’s to come is as important for you in the renovation process as it is for your children. Renovations can be taxing on everyone’s routines, including the kids. They are also messy. Have a conversation with your kids about what they can expect over the coming weeks and show them pictures of what the space will look like so they know what you’re working towards.

Marie Kondo Your Space Together

Not only helpful during reno time, but an essential tip for maintaining level heads before tackling a renovation — work with your kids before, during and after to ensure everything is packed and labelled. Use this time before a renovation to declutter your space, tossing away any toys or games that the kids don’t play with anymore. You can even make a game of it – toss, keep, donate, with the winner getting to choose where to eat that night for dinner. Side note: don’t forget to set aside some of your renovation budget for meals out while the renovation is underway, something you’ll be glad you did.

Maintaining Routines is Crucial

We all know how important routines are for kids, especially younger children. If possible, aim to keep bedtime routines and other activities in regular rotation to give kids a sense of normalcy. This is easier done if tackling one room at a time, which will help avoid having to uproot the family. Also, know when to call in reinforcements. It really does take a village. If grandparents or other trusted family or friends are available, see if the kids can spend a few days away from the home with them, especially during larger renovation days and demo days.

Get the Kids Involved and Keep Them Busy

Lastly, don’t be afraid to include your kids in the process. By getting your pint-sized designers engaged and involved in your renovation you are all more likely to have a positive overall experience. Include them in the picking of tiles and colour schemes, as well as décor. Maybe even spend a day helping them create a mood board of their dream room, or designing a new piece of artwork that they can be proud of displaying.

The show will be running over Family Day Weekend, and there will be lots of activities for kids to take part in, click here for more information.