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Are you thinking about welcoming a puppy into your home this spring? Getting a puppy, especially for the first time, is an exciting experience and one that can be super rewarding when done right.


Dog care experts, Dogtopia, who specialize in daycare and boarding have put together their top tips on how to help your new puppy adjust to their new home and set the stage for a happy life with your family.

Training Time

It’s best to begin teaching proper behaviour to your pup immediately to prevent any bad habits from forming. Early-onset training and socialization will encourage good behaviour that will remain with your dog all their life and affect how they interact with others in the future. Following the “3 R’s” approach (reward, don’t reprimand, and routine) is crucial in raising a well-behaved and loving companion.


Create a Routine

Consistency is the key as puppies thrive on a regular routine. Establishing times for meals, exercise, potty breaks and sleeping will help your furry friend feel secure and reduce the chances of them developing anxiety and destructive behaviours in the future.


Establish Boundaries

Enforcing rules from day one will reduce the chance of your puppy becoming confused about what they are and aren’t allowed to do. Ensuring all family members are aware of the rules and implementing them means there should be no lapses in your puppies understanding of their environment and acceptable behaviours.


Prep your Pad

Just as parents prep their home when they welcome a new baby, new pet parents must also “puppy proof” their home. Puppies will lick, chew and eat almost anything they have access to which can not only cause damage to valuable items but also can lead to expensive vet bills. Remove or protect sharp objects, easily accessible electrical cords and be sure to pick up anything laying in the ground that might be tempting to tiny teeth. This also works as a great incentive to get children to clean up after themselves!


Make New Friends

Introducing your pup to other dogs and humans can help build their confidence and give them an outlet for all of that extra puppy energy. Since we are unable to communicate verbally the proper way to interact with other dogs or humans, learning how to speak through energy and body language is very important. A happy dog is one that has plenty of positive canine companionship. Don’t have time to give your dog their required amount of socialization? A doggie daycare where dogs are properly monitored and assessed in advance is a safe and structured way for dogs to build relationships and stay stimulated when you can’t be with them.