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If you’re looking for gorgeous sand dunes and sandy beaches, and clear blue water with a sandy bottom where you can walk out forever, then you have to visit these provincial parks – it’s like being in Florida.


Presqu’ile is located in Brighton, and is a little shorter of a drive than Sandbanks, in Picton, but you really must experience both. No summer is complete without a few days at the beach.


If you’re looking for more than a day trip, both of these parks are also campgrounds, but be warned, they are very popular so make sure you make reservations before you head up there, otherwise you might be turned away.


Both parks offer nature trails and programs for kids and adults, picnic areas, and a snackbars.


To find out more, and to get directions, visit the following websites:


Friends of Presq’ile

Presq’ile Provincial Park

Friends of Sandbanks

Sandbanks Provincial Park