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There are three brand new Gymboree publications that everyone at my house loves, and I thought I

The first book is “365 activties you and your toddler will love: fun ideas for your toddler’s growing mind!” by Dr. Ron Cohen Leiderman and Dr. Wendy Masi (Key Porter Books, 2006).


If you’re anything like me, you’re often faced with a very busy toddler who is always on the prowl for new activities and games. “365 activities” has an activity for every toddler, aged 12 months to 30+ months,  for everyday of the year. The activities start off for the younger toddler, but there is also a great section of things to do for the older toddler as well.


Although there are tones of great outdoor activities, this book is especially great for those indoor days, or those very, very early mornings, when your toddler is raring to go, but it’s still too early to head out (anyone else know what I'm talking about?).


Some of our favorite selections include #271 (Ride on a Train), where you set up a train out of kitchen chairs and invite the kids to ‘come aboard’ with their tickets and #98 (Make an animal farm), where you create a farm out of regular household objects.


The other two publications we love are Gymboree’s A to Z Activities for Babies Flash Cards (ages 0-12 months), by Diane Benson Harrington, and “A to Z Activities for Kids Flash Cards (1-4 years)”, by Diane Benson Harrington (Key Porter Books, August 2007)


The “Babies Flash Cards” are a fun way to introduce your little one to the alphabet with each card featuring a letter, a word beginning with that letter, and a fun activity.


My preschooler loved The A to Z Activities for Kids Flash Cards because they weren’t just letters and words, but also included fun activities, which seemed to make learning the alphabet a lot more fun for both of us.