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Whether you’re a parent or a Provider, with home-based childcare, there are 2 options: licensed agencies and private caregivers. Being licensed means an agency must meet strict standards and guidelines as set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) that are governed by the Child Care & Early Years Act.

For Parents...These standards help to ensure safety and a positive experience for parents and their children. They apply to ratios of children allowed in a home, educational program requirements, nutrition and home compliance.


For Providers...Only an Agency can qualify to be licensed. Private caregivers operating on their own cannot be licensed and are not regulated or monitored. They must inform parents if they are not licensed. Being with a licensed agency means as a Provider, you have the qualifications that meet the MOE standards in childcare.


Licensed Means Safety, Quality Standards, Assurance and More...

As of August 31st, 2015, standards were introduced by the Ministry of Education to further promote the benefits of licensed childcare. The standards set out in the CCEYA ensures the safety and a positive experience for parents and their children. Only an agency can qualify to be licensed and must pass annual inspections by the MOE to maintain their license status. Wee Watch is a licensed Agency that has been caring for children, parents and their Providers, for over 30 years. Their childcare system not only follows the CCEYA standards, but exceeds many of them. These are a few highlights of key protocols Wee Watch adheres to:


Ensuring the proper number of children are in care...

 The maximum number of children a licensed home child care Provider can care for is 6 under the age of 13, and only 2 can be under the age of 2. This includes the Provider’s own children.


Supervised support & monitoring...

 As an agency, parents and Providers receive support from a team of experienced staff that include Area Supervisors and certified Registered Early Childhood Educators. RECE’s conduct regular visits to their Wee Watch homes. These are unscheduled “drop-in” times when they check to ensure programs and standards are maintained, provide support to Providers, and ensure the well-being of each child.


The right qualifications and skills...

Providers undergo an extensive screening process from medical, personal references and police record checks.  They receive training on processes for emergencies or accidents, have First Aid and CPR certification and receive ongoing workshops to update their skills and develop them professionally.


Safety in the homes...

Homes must have appropriate play, eating and sleep space that conform to fire safety regulations; have child proofing safety measures in place inside and outside the home such as storing hazardous materials out of a child’s reach; only use approved equipment and play materials; ensure there is appropriate insurance coverage.


 Supervised support & monitoring...

Children have a daily routine of educational play-based activities, outdoor play, and rest time. They receive nutritious meals following Canada’s Food Guide and can accommodate special dietary needs. Exclusive to Wee Watch is their “Wee Learn” educational program. This was designed by child care professionals and customized to be age appropriate, adapting to a child’s progress and growth.


Licensed Means Peace of Mind and More...

Licensed Agencies contract with individuals to offer child care out of their own home. It’s an excellent option that allows a parent to stay at home with their own children and earn an income. But there are many requirements when caring for children. Providers with a licensed agency have the assurance they are following the proper standards and do not risk the penalties if not compliant. For instance, if a Provider has more than the permitted number of children in care, the penalty starts at $2,000 per child per day. The infraction is also posted on the MOE website to inform the public.


Partnering with a reputable, recognized Agency...

Wee Watch is a well established organization that applies their higher standard service to ensure their Providers have the best advantages.  Providers are part of a childcare team and supported by experienced agency staff in all aspects of their business - from start-up assistance, safety measures, educational and health programs and ‘go to’ support.  Providers have more time to focus on caring for children with less worries and administration.


As a licensed Agency, these are some highlights of what Wee Watch will take care of for their Providers:


Home Set-Up - Work with the provider to ensure their home is childproofed and meets all safety

Standards; they receive emergency and first aid training and have insurance coverage;  agency provides all the equipment required for children in care and monitors the condition of the equipment.


Training & Resources - Provided with initial training and on going workshops to help them develop professionally and network with other providers;  receive Wee Learn programming, daily activities and materials for each age and stage of child, as well as on-going support from a Registered Child Care Educator.


Competitive Regular Pay - Providers are contracted and have the benefits of being an independent business but are paid bi-weekly by the agency for all children in care. NEW  Bonus Pay… Providers with a licensed agency now qualify to receive additional pay from a government wage enhancement fund of up to $20 per day.


 Business Support - Back-up care is provided in the case that the Provider is ill or goes on vacation; the Agency  finds and places children, interviews parents, handles all administration like the collection of fees and provides regular support and guidance.  


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