Back to articles Local educator says teaching three-year-olds to read is key to success in school


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Local learning experts at Oxford Learning Centre say teaching your three-year-old to read may hold the key to preparing him or her for a successful lifetime of learning at school.  


Oxford Learning, says, “Children who are introduced to reading at a young age continually show better learning skills when they finally reach first grade.”


Oxford Learning conducted more than 15 years of education research and studied the learning habits of thousands of students across North America before releasing its findings. “There’s a huge body of research on early childhood education, including our own research, which indicates that the learning process develops early. It suggests that children who learn how to learn before the age of six develop more appropriate learning and thinking processes.” Another education study has stated that three years of age is the most appropriate time to begin a child’s education.


With research pointing the way, Oxford Learning developed their Little Readers' program.  “Young children love to learn and our Little Readers half-day preschool takes advantage of children’s natural curiosity. We can actually teach your child to read using rhymes, songs, games, drills, music, movement and fun. It’s amazing how easily children learn the sounds of the English language at three- and four-years-old, and how much they love to read and how rewarding it is for them.”


Oxford Learning concludes, “Learning to read opens the mind of a young child to an incredible world of knowledge and imagination and helps them develop creativity and thinking skills. As a parent, if you want your child to start enjoying the learning process, it’s imperative to get your child reading early.”


In addition to Little Readers' program, Oxford Learning offers programs for children up to grade 12 that reinforce academic skills such as math, reading and writing, plus teaching each child how to learn more effectively. For more information, or to book a no-obligation consultation, please contact the Oxford Learning location nearest you today.