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I've always loved candles...I like the way they make a room feel, I like the way they smell, I like the way they automatically slow things down and help relax people.

However, as soon as I had children, I became leary of them. I was concerned with having open flame anywhere within reach or even eyesight of these small clumsy people that I adored! So I basically gave up on the idea. That was, until I discovered Scentsy,  a totally wickless product. I was asked if I would review a Scentsy warmer and quickly jumped on the idea. Did that mean I could once again have the ambiance of a soft glow, with a sweet fragrance flowing through my home. Yes, in fact, that's exactly what it meant.


The Scentsy warmer is an aesthetically-pleasing ceramic warmer that melts scented wax with the heat of a low-wattage light bulb. Just plug it in and it not only gives off a wonderful scent, but its glow creates a sense of atmosphere too. I was hooked! The first day I tried it, the kids came home after school and immediately asked me “what's that wonderful smell?” Even my husband noticed when he sauntered in the door after work that evening. The soft scent enveloped the room, it wasn't overpowering at all, just gentle and pleasing.


The wax comes in a bar, resembling a chocolate bar with squares. You can break off the squares and place as many as you like in the warmer. Within 5 minutes, the wax starts to melt and the scent wafts out. The more squares you use, the stronger the scent will be. The best part is that the wax is reusable. I was slightly concerned that cleaning the wax out of the warmer to change it for a different scent, might be messy. But it's really quite easy, you simply melt it, then pour it back into the container it came from. Wipe the warmer with a paper towel and that's it. You're all set to try another scent.


My only real issue with Scentsy (and it's more a personal one), is that there are simply too many scents to choose from. It's virtually impossible for me to pick which ones I'd like to use in my house! Their scents range from Seasonal (Christmas Tree, Cozy Fireside), to Bakery (Sugar Cookie, Bakes Apple Pie) to Love (Casablanca, Simply Irresistible) to Spa (Beach, Mountain Retreat) and more. They even carry their various scents in Room Sprays and Travel Tins.


Scentsy is celebrating it's 5th Anniversary this year, and is growing rapidly throughout North America as a leading Party Plan company. For more information about hosting a party, buying their product or becoming a consultant, contact Shelley Murchison who is based in Durham region  at 905-999-6231