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Here are some ideas from Green Planet Parties to lesson your environmental footprint when hosting a party or event with friends. Have fun hosting a fun, green, successful, eco party of your own!
Birthday Party Supplies

Children do not need commercialized disposable decorations and tableware.  You know, the matching plates, napkins, tablecloth, wall decoration etc. in the most recent licensed theme.  Every year the children chose the 'theme'.  The cost for the printed, commercial plastic, was overwhelming, and the waste was awful.  Children do not miss this part of the party. They are just as happy with a pretty or cool fabric... camo or stripes for boys...apples or flowers for girls. Especially if these decorations can later be moved into their rooms.  Remove the mass produced commercialism from your child's party, it just isn't needed anymore.

Goodie Bags
Children do appreciate sustainable, usable, fun goodie bag items.  Rather than a bag full of dollar store plastic items that will break or get lost, children delight in one great item that was chosen based on quality.  They will remember the party for years to come every time that item is used or played with.  
Along with any of our carefully chosen goodie bag items, which can be put in a goodie bag or presented creatively rolled up and tagged with string and their name, a treat is always appreciated by a child.   A lollipop or special chocolate given with the goodie bag / item is tangible immediately after receiving a give-away.  For busy parents we've also recently added a line of 'pre-made' loot bags to choose from that are complete with an organic treat.


ECHOage Your Child's Birthday Party
Fun! Empowering! You must check out ECHOage - an eco-friendly, charity driven birthday party service where children learn the value of giving and receiving while celebrating their birthday.  Instead of bringing wrapped gifts, your guests are invited to contribute, online, with half going to a birthday gift for the birthday child, and the other half going to the charity the birthday child has chosen.

About the Author: Green Planet Parties is very proud of the eco-friendly, locally produced and artisan handcrafted gifts, biodegradable tableware, reusable decorations and goodie bags we’ve put together for people who are interested in a greener way for everyday choices. Visit Green Planet Parties at