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Screaming Sky Weasels, Chameleon Goggles, Circus in a Suitcase, Sky Ripperz, Kikbo and GoldieBlox! These amusing-sounding items are just a few of the fun-filled new toys that are going to be all the rage this summer according to the experts at Mastermind Toys, who have been busy compiling the annual Summer Sizzlers list.

From outdoor aquatics, exploration and adventure to indoor arts and entertainment play, this summer is guaranteed to be a blast: rain or shine! All of the Top 24 items will be available at Mastermind's 21 locations and online at


1. Kick Maxi Kick T-Bar Scooter ($154.95, Ages 6+) The Maxi Kick is the high-performance, Swiss-designed scooter for kids ages 6-10. The Maxi features a 3-wheeled, kickboard design and a unique lean-to-steer mechanism, offering the exciting feeling of surfing the sidewalks! The Maxi Kick's reinforced fiberglass construction provides rugged durability for everyday use while remaining amazingly lightweight. The rear spoon brake and double-rear wheels also add stability and performance.

2. Anteater Bug Vac ($29.95, Ages 6+) This baby anteater has an appetite for collecting all kinds of insects and bugs! With the touch of a button, you can quickly and safely gather up bugs to observe in the anteater's removable belly chamber. After you're done viewing the bugs, release them back into their habitats unharmed.

3. Djubi Dart Ball ($29.95, Ages 8+) The classic game of darts with a thrilling Djubi twist! Loop the Djubi (pronounced Joo-Bee) ball to the Djubi racquet and launch the ball into the net! Rally a crowd and make your competition sweat with this game of speed and precision.

dart ball

4. Explorer's Torch ($22.95, Ages 6+) When you need extra light to help guide your way, grab this authentic-looking torch to help you feel like a true explorer! No nighttime expedition is complete without it!

5. SkyTrix ($19.95, Ages 8+) **Mastermind Exclusive** The amazing stunt glider: SkyTrix glides like a plane, soars like a kite, performs tricks like a yo-yo, and plays catch like a flying disc. The concept is simple - a plane on a tether. But the design and performance are anything but ordinary. You'll be amazed to learn there are no batteries or gyroscopes keeping it in flight and balanced, it is simply people-powered!

6. Expedition Shoe Lights ($19.95, Ages 6+) Nighttime exploring has never been so much fun! Snap these cool lights to the top of your shoes to shine light on your path when you're exploring in the dark! There are two modes: Red LED Lights for night view and white LED lights for the pathfinder mode!

7. Sky Ripperz ($14.95, Ages 8+) From Zing Toys comes an amazing innovation in flying toy technology. Simply hook onto the launcher, pull back and watch the rockets fly up to 250 feet into the air. Rockets also whistle as they scream through the sky. Comes with 1 launcher and 2 rockets!

sky ripperz

8. Chameleon Goggles ($13.95, Ages 6+) See the world like a chameleon does using these unique goggles. Rotate the eyes to see in multiple directions and even see behind you using the hidden side mirrors!

9. Screaming Sky Weasel ($13.95, Ages 6+) Light up the night with these awesome glowing screeching balloons! Pump them up, charge the screamers with the UV light included and release them high in the sky!

10. After Burner Plane ($11.95, Ages 5+) After Burner's two red taillights look so awesome as the plane shoots supersonic through the evening sky. The spring-loaded launcher screams a cool sound effect when the plane is released. Bend the foam wings to change the flight pattern as it soars 40 feet high.

11. Max Boom Paddle Ball ($5.95, Ages 6+) How many times in a row can you hit the tethered ball? The paddle, designed with Boom Ball? technology, makes a thunderous sound each time it hits the ball. BOOM! It's loud. It's fun!


12. Jarts Splash Pool Darts ($18.95, Ages 8+) Take turns tossing the soft grip darts at the target, in this classic lawn game that is played in the pool!

13. Hydro Blaster Power Tank Combo ($16.95, Ages 6+) Refill and go! This portable bucket can be carried around with you during a water fight! Simple fill it up and carry it around by the sturdy handle and do a quick refill with the included Hydro Blaster when you?re running low! No pool needed!

hydro blaster

14. Max Liquidator Luminator ($15.95, Ages 6+) For the best water fight every, the Max Liquidator sucks water into the chamber and shoots it out at your opponent. The LUMINATOR does the same thing with the added effect of light which means your nighttime water fights became that much cooler!

15. Deep Sea Monster Light Up Dive Toy ($13.95, Ages 6+) These monsters are like your regular dive toy but with an AMAZING BONUS! They light up when they come in contact with water which means you can go diving for them day or night!

16. Sonic Search ($11.95, Ages 5+) Players hit the timer, toss it into the water, and follow the distinctive beeps to the ball. Beeps get faster as time runs out. First to disarm the timer wins!


17. GoldieBlox ($34.95, Ages 6+) GoldieBlox is an interactive book and construction toy starring Goldie, a kid inventor with a love of engineering, who solves problems by building simple machines. As girls read along, they get to build what Goldie builds! It comes with a storybook, character figurines, and construction set.


18. Telestrations ($34.95, Ages 12+) Telestrations is the award-winning laugh-out-loud party game that connects all generations through hilarious miscommunications! Combining the schoolyard favourite 'telephone game' with a drawing game, Telestrations has players draw what they see then guess what they saw. The result? The Big Reveal, where players get to share how "this" became "that!" The outcomes are unpredictable and sure to create a slide-splitting time!

19. Circus in a Suitcase ($29.95, Ages 8+) The new Circus in a Suitcase contains everything you need to be a juggling star in a one-man show! Each kit comes in a busker-style suitcase and contains 1 Tropic diabolo with Jive sticks and string, 3 beginner juggling balls, 1 spinning plate with stick, and a Juggling 101 DVD.

20. Zoku Slush & Shake Maker ($24.95, Ages 8+) From the makers of the Zoku Quick Pop Maker comes a brand new way to make your favourite frozen drinks! Simply freeze the core overnight, then in the morning add juice, milk, ice cream or whatever you want, stir it up and you've got a delicious, drinkable treat!

21. Deluxe Spirograph ($24.95, Ages 8+) First designed in 1965, the Spirograph was the delight of any young, aspiring artist thanks to the distinctive wheels and rings. Now this classic is back and better than ever! All you need to do is place your paper down and choose from 19 different gears to mix and match patterns to create beautifully intricate designs!


22. Sparkle Tattoo Parlor ($16.95, Ages 8+) Put the final touches on your outfit or just have fun with friends with Sparkle Tattoo Parlor! Use stencils to create temporary glitter tattoos of hearts, butterflies, flowers and more! Combine colours of glitter to create your own unique look!

23. Earphone Couture - Wrap it! ($13.95, Ages 8+) Plain earbuds? Not anymore! Turn plain to cool with Wrap It! Use embroidery floss and beads to make colourful earbuds that will rock as much as your music does.

24. Kikbo ($11.95, Ages 9+) The newest in indoor/outdoor coordination game play: Kikbo is a hacky sack with feathers! Perfect for practicing your coordination skills or playing with a group of friends!

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