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Spending Summer in the city or the country? Mastermind Toys has you covered! Super Scooters, Meat-Eating Plants, Hair Chox, Night Vision Goggles & Light-Up Pool Noodles Tops Mastermind Toys Summer Hits List

Whether you are summering in the city or in the country, Mastermind Toys is ready to equip your family with loads of fun. The toy experts at Mastermind, Canada's leading specialty toy retailer, have been busy compiling their annual Summer Hits List featuring 25 items to keep kids active and amused--rain or shine! All items will be available at Mastermind's 13 locations and online at


1. MADD VX2 PRO SCOOTER, $149.95, Ages 8+ For the committed scooter maniac comes the ULTIMATE scooter: the Madd VX2 Pro! This super-strong scooter is perfect for everyday riding but also geared for tricks with a wide deck, shock grip tape, alloy brakes, special bearings, reinforced grips and absolutely rock-solid overall construction. Plus, it looks really cool!
2. LITEHAWK WHISPER RC SAILBOAT ($99.95), AGES 10+ Smooth sailing ahead! This RC boat lets you adjust the sails remotely and harness the wind exactly like a real sailboat!
3. JET KITE 3D STUNT KITE ($54.95), Ages 8+, This cool kite is a perfect entry into the realm of two-line stunt kites which offer greater control and challenge! This huge jet plane (over 4 feet long!) soars through the air, is relatively easy to fly, and above all looks ultra-cool in flight!
4. PLANKTON NET ($24.95), Ages 8+ Millions of plankton live in ponds, lakes and oceans? and now you can take a closer look with the Plankton Net! Sweep the net across the water and then examine the special observation bottle to identify and catalogue your specimens!
5. DUAL VISION NIGHT OPTICS ($21.95), Ages 6+ You won?t be left in the dark when you strap these cool glasses to your face and head out into the night! They come equipped with bright LED lights, and, for super-sneaky stealth mode, you can switch to red LED lighting for night vision!
6. CATCH 'N' VIEW BUTTERFLY NET ($14.95), Ages 3+ A butterfly net and observation tent all-in one! This safe and gentle catching net transforms into a tent for temporary viewing, and the easy-on lid makes release a snap!
7. AEROBIE EPIC GOLF FLYING DISC ($11.95), Ages 6+ This epic disc will fly further than any other disc you throw! Designed for maximum distance in Frisbee golf play, this disc doubles as one of the most fun, accurate and distance-driven flying toys out there! Perfect for the park, beach or cottage!
8. FIREFLY HELI SPINNER ($4.95), All Ages A night-sky light show without the big bang! This simple spinner is equipped with a small but powerful light; launch it into the twilight air and it spins to the ground with dazzling effect!


9. ZIG-A-ZAG TUNNEL ($49.95), Ages 3+
Great for indoor active fun! This indoor tunnel is nearly 10 feet long, and can be tied off to create zigs and zags for little ones to explore!
10. CREATIVITY FOR KIDS MOSSY MEADOWS GNOME GARDEN ($29.95), Ages 7+ Plant and grow your own enchanting home for gnomes! This set comes complete with dish, potting mix, gnome house, grass seeds, a pond, rocks, stones and of course? little gnomes!
11. TALKING BALL 2 IN 1 ($29.95), Ages 1+ A fun and active way for toddlers to learn to count! Toss the ball back and forth and listen as it counts up with every catch! The ball can also be changed to ABC mode as well!
12. ALEX TOYS TALKING TUBES ($24.95), Ages 3+ Can you hear me? Takes the tin can phone to all new levels! These two phone handsets are connected by three meters of wacky yellow tubing which pipes the sound from one phone to the next!
13. CARNIVOROUS CREATIONS DOME TERRARIUM ($24.95), Ages 4+ Fill your terrarium with over 10 varieties of meat-eating plants, including the Venus Fly Trap, Cobra Plant and more! Learn about each as you tend and care for them as they grow from seeds!
14. BBQ BLITZ GAME ($24.95), Ages 4+ It's a burger-building bonanza with this patty matching game for junior players! Grab your spatula and dig in!
15. COOL CIRCUITS BRAIN GAME ($19.95), Ages 8+ Electrify your brain with this challenging puzzler! The object is to place all of the pieces on the board to successfully complete the circuit and the entire board lights up!
16. I HEART JOURNAL PLUSH CRAFT ($16.95), Ages 6+ Create a super special journal with this no-mess Plush Craft. Simply take different colours of the pre-cut fabric and secure them into place with the exclusive stylus. Fabric will stay in place, but you can also take it out to create over and over again. Once you are done, you have a stylish journal to write out all your thoughts!
17. DISTRACTION BRAIN PUZZLE ($16.95), Ages 8+ A simple memory game with a distracting twist! Draw number cards and remember an ever-increasing sequence of numbers. But beware the distraction cards, which have you performing weird and wacky tasks in between, designed to throw your memory off!
18. COLOR ROX HAIR CHOX KIT ($12.95), Ages 8+ Wild hair colour that washes out! This kit comes with a variety of cool chalk colours that temporarily tint your hair with no mess and no permanent worries!
19. TALK POINT RECORDER ($7.95), Ages 3+ 'Don't forget to brush your teeth!' The Talk Point recorder is a brightly coloured button that acts as a simple recorder that lets parents and family members leave key messages or reminders to one another. A great way to encourage children to practice speaking and listening!


20. JR. SPACE EXPLORER INFLATABLE SHUTTLE ($34.95), Ages 3+ This giant inflatable shuttle is great for indoor AND pool play, complete with 'cockpit' for Jr. Astronauts to pretend in the basement or float on the water!
21. ASTRONAUT SPACE PACK WATER BLASTER ($15.95), Ages 5+ Fill up the space-themed backpack with water, attach your soaker, and splash away! The blaster also sprays forwards AND to the side!
22. SUNKEN TREASURE DIVE SET ($14.95), Ages 5+ Drop this sinking treasure chest to the bottom of the pool, dive down to the bottom, and then try to crack it open and grab as much of the treasure inside as you can to bring back to the surface!
23. SPLASH ROCKET ($19.95), Ages 5+ This stomp-launched rocket comes complete with wet and wild fun! Fill the cup, place your rocket, and send it flying up to 30 feet with jet-spray action!
24. LIGHT-UP POOL NOODLES ($19.95), All Ages
Light up the night with this classic pool noodle adapted for funky night-time swims!
25. SPARK SHARK FISH HUNT ($16.95), Ages 6+ A fun underwater game of ?eat that fish!? Grab your shark scoop and dive down to ?eat? the underwater fish!

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