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June 6th, 2014 was a big day at the Bowmanville Zoo... four lion cubs (3 males and 1 female) were born to proud mom lioness Kaya. We were lucky enough to be invited to meet the 5 week old cubs up close and personal last weekend. It was pretty hard not to fall in love with these amazing, adorable creatures!
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The cubs are being hand raised at the zoo with the hopes that two of the cubs will make a remarkable journey to Africa with Dave Salmoni from Animal Planet to live in the wild.

One of the things we've always admired about the Bowmanville Zoo is their dedication and passion to animal conservation.


It's incredible to watch these cubs being fed...but be sure to check their feeding times at the front gate when you arrive, since they devour their bottles in just a few minutes!

Currently the cubs are part of the weekend shows in the Animatheatre as well as part of the Carnivore feedings. Photos are also available to be taken with the cubs for a limited time at an extra cost, please check their website for details or call before your visit 905-623-5655

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Robbie, the rescue tiger

We also had a special surprise of meeting Robbie, a 16 year old Bengal tiger who was rescued 13 years ago from life in a Toronto night-club. He's the most beautiful animal I have ever had the privilege to be close to.

The Bowmanville Zoo believes that by sharing the stories of its animals with its visitors and letting them get a closer view of them, that it gives them a chance to really connect with the animals and their personalities. That's the unique experience that we've always felt when we've visited this special place. Education is one of the biggest steps in conservation and the trainers here passionately share their knowledge with the zoo's visitors, helping to raise awareness of the many issues surrounding endangered animals.

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One of the things that my kids like best about the Bowmanville Zoo is that they have the chance to hand feed many of the animals. The goats, cows, llamas, deer, alpacas and more are all tame enough to come right up to you and eat a treat out of your hand (bags of food are available to buy at the front gate for just $2). You can pet the animals and feel the difference in their coats or fur, and even feel their tongues and their teeth!


New Giraffe Exhibit

Be sure to drop by the new giraffe exhibit so you can meet Scott and Morgan. The young giraffes are just toddlers, aged a year and a half and 2 years. It's great how close you can get to them so you can watch their movements and admire the gorgeous markings on their coats.

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Wild Woods Path

I love how the zoo built the Wild Woods path through the trees... it's a fantastic design incorporating the natural elements. On one side of the path, you can howl with the wolves, while on the other side you can watch Robbie, the tiger prowling around or having a nap.


Come see the cubs!

If you're looking for a fun family day out this summer, we highly recommend visiting the Bowmanville Zoo. It is nestled in a beautiful natural setting of 42 acres with lots of amazing animals, a playground, splash pad, picnic area and cafe.

For more information please visit their website, follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. You can even find a coupon for a FREE Kids Pass here. Or print out the VIP coupon below for a great deal of just $10 admission.