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We are happy to present our 4th annual Mom & Baby Guide. It's a whole new world when you have a baby, so we wanted to help a bit with the transition. We would like to share with you some fabulous local businesses and services that offer fitness, shopping, support and more to new parents.

Town of Ajax Parent’N’Babe Programs

The Town of Ajax offers Parent’N’Babe Yoga, Parent’N’Babe Fitness, and Parent’N’Babe Aqua Fitness. This unique opportunity allows for moms to stay active while bonding with their child in a fun and social environment. Connect with other moms while a certified instructor provides an effective workout.

Visit or call 905-427-8811 for detailed information.


New Parent Workshop

Non certificate workshop for new / soon to be parents & grandparents. 3 hour session focuses on prevention, first aid, choking & CPR techniques for infants. Learn essential emergency skills with lots of hands on active practice. Resource Booklet included. Call to register 905-434-7800 or online at


Wee Watch Quality Licensed Home Child Care

Wee Watch is a parent trusted, licensed home childcare agency with over 30 years experience. Parents have peace of mind knowing we follow AND exceed regulatory standards. Children are in a safe home environment, with trained Providers, and educational programming.

If you are interested in making income from home as a licensed Provider contact us.


Durham Lamaze

1st baby? Feeling anxious about giving birth and not sure what to expect? Want to learn about how to build a strong bond with your baby?

Durham Lamaze has been providing childbirth, baby care, and breastfeeding classes since 1979. All classes are taught by Registered Nurses who have extensive knowledge & experience. You can be assured to receive the most updated information and have a chance to clarify any queries that you may have in person. You will gain confidence in giving birth without fear and learn about caring for an infant BEFORE your baby is born so you will be well-equipped for a good start in parenthood. Join us today at

Wonderwear Modern Diaper Service box ad

Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service

Wonderwear Modern Cloth Diaper Service takes the work out of cloth diapering while saving you money vs disposables. Wonderwear modern diapers fit and perform like disposables and you will never run out or have to leave your home to get more. A super alternative to disposable diapers!

Use promo code ‘parentsource’ to receive 30% OFF any starter package


Town of Ajax Preschool & Kindergarten Programs

The Town of Ajax offers a wide variety of play-based programs! From learn & play programs to create & play and move & play options, we offer more than 50 preschool classes…something for everyone! Choose from programs including Alphabet Adventures, Family Fun Time, Terrific Two’s, Jumping Juniors, Messy Masterpieces and much more. We offer both parented and drop-off programs.

Visit or call 905-427-8811 for detailed information.


Women's Health Physiotherapy Centre

We educate and empower women throughout all ages and stages of their lives. Through young adulthood, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, pre/post surgery, after cancer diagnosis/treatment. We teach women how their bodies work, how to overcome injury, how to recover and retrain, how to find their core and inner strength, what is normal and what are the things women should not have to accept as normal.

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International Nannies and Homecare Ltd.

International Nannies and Homecare Ltd. is a Canada wide Full Service agency matching Canadian families with nannies, au pairs and caregivers. We save you time and assist you with the entire hiring process. Local Coordinators across Canada. Help families since 1996. Founded and operated by former overseas nanny.


Tender Years Child Care Centre

We focus on learning through play which builds positive, responsive relationships:
▪ by focusing on children’s social, emotional, physical, creative, and cognitive development.
▪ our environment is set up for exploration, play, and inquiry;
▪ we encourage self-reflection, discussion, and collaboration.
▪ we engage with families.

Affordable rates, space available call us now.
905 683 2559
338 Rossland Rd East, Ajax


Fragola: Baby & Toddler Food Delivered To Your Door-Step Across Canada

Basically…we deliver freshly made food for your babe right to your door-step.

Food before 1 isn't just for fun. Just think about how much they grow within the first 2 years of life! Babes require different foods than we do, which is why we have created a tailored menu to meet their needs! Our food is made fresh each week without salt, sugar, artificial flavours or preservatives.

Order Fragola each week, or order as you need it, zero commitment. Our food arrives fresh, is fridge safe for up to 5 days, but you can also freeze our containers for 3 months!


C'est l'Amour Photography

Moments in life are here and gone so quickly. When we are living them, it is hard to imagine that we could ever forget the sweetness of that moment in time.

Documenting the chapters of your family’s story through pictures, gives your children a sense of belonging and history.

It would be such an honor for you to trust me to photograph those special moments and seasons in your family. I look forward to meeting you and scheduling a session to capture your family in the sweetness of today.


Water Babies

Confidence starts in the water! Come join us in our warm pools, teaching baby and toddlers to swim through fun, engaging and structured classes that aid in physical, emotional and cognitive development right from the start.

You’ll be in safe hands with our expert teachers, who have the highest possible qualifications. See you at the pool!

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City of Pickering

The City of Pickering offers a wide variety of fitness programs for Moms and Babies for every stage including; Pre-natal Yoga, Baby Bootcamp, Post-natal Pilates, Parent & Baby Yoga, and Parent & Baby Zumba. For toddlers and young kids we also have Salsa Tots, Kids Yoga & Creative Movements as well as Kids Zumba. There is something for everyone!

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Mommy Connections Durham

It takes a village. We’re here to help you build yours.

For new moms who want to find joy amid the chaos of early parenthood and have a supportive community to rely on, Mommy Connections Durham offers a place for you and your babe to learn, laugh and connect with others in a meaningful way.
We run weekly programs for moms-to-be, moms and babies (0 to 12 months) and moms and toddlers (12 months to 3 years) in neighbourhoods across Durham.

Visit or contact Heather Watson for full program details and upcoming sessions.