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Did you ever wonder how the worlds premier football/baseball fields and sports arenas become Monster Jam race tracks? There is a lot more to the transformation than dumping a little dirt over the floor. The Monster Jam track building team includes the worlds best dirt track construction professionals.

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The building of a Monster Jam track in the world``s most famous stadiums is in reality a major construction project. Before construction begins, the Monster Jam track builders need to determine how to protect the existing turf or grass. Two separate teams are needed to make the total transformation from event floor to race track.

First, the track construction crew covers the floor or field and manages the move-in of the dirt and sculpting the track.

Second, the Monster Jam tech staff prepares the non-dirt obstacles and the decoration of the track and stadium walls.

The demand for great freestyle competitions and the increasingly technical tracks have put more and more demands on the construction crews. Since a Monster Jam event can happen at any time of the year, sometimes while the stadiums are busy with games, it is imperative that the move-in and move-out process be quick and that the playing field is not damaged. It is not uncommon for a stadium to be a football field one week, a Monster Jam race track the next, and then back to a working football field the following week. Lets take a look at the conversion of a stadium floor from a football field to Monster Jam track!