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Parents know that planning a move with kids is no picnic. spoke with Whitby realtor and mom of children, under the age of four, Kristina Buurman about why she decided to make the move to real estate and focus on easing the burden of a move that parents face.

PS: Kristina, why did you decide to make the career change into real estate, especially when you have two kids under four?

Growing up with a parent in real estate, I was introduced me to the industry at quite a young age.  I used to love going to work with my mom, and couldn’t imagine a better job.  When I was old enough to start working, it was just natural that it had to be at a real estate office.  Shortly after having my first little boy, I decided to become a mortgage specialist.  Although the position is closely tied to the real estate industry, I still wasn’t fulfilled/satisfied.  Eventually (after having my second little boy), I finally found some Mommy time, and took my real estate course.  I pounded away at the books and got it done as quickly as possible.  The day that I officially got my real estate license, is not a day that I will soon forget!  For me, real estate isn’t just a job, but a passion.  Of course my children will always come first, but it is also great to get out for a few hours, and help other families achieve their dreams as well!

PS: Have you ever had to move with kids?  What was that like?

Oh, I would love to say that I haven’t yet had to experience this, but I have.  Moving with children (the actual moving part) is never fun, but it can be made a lot easier when everything is well prepared.  Organization is number one, and with a little bit of flexibility, and a good sense of humour, everything else will fall into place.

PS: Can you offer any tips or resources for parents to help them prepare for a move?

I found an amazing book for my 7 year old cousin when he was moving. He was quite stressed out about the move, and although the book is American, it helped him express his feelings and build up excitement for the upcoming move.
The Moving Book: A Kids Survival Guide, is a must read for youngsters aged 6-11.

My top parent moving tips are as follows:

1)  Always talk to children and keep them informed of the upcoming move and whatThey can expect. The more prepared they are, the smoother the moving process will go.

2) Try to keep life as normal as possible for the children.  Continue routines and don't forget that they are easily affect by change.

3)  If the child is old enough, allow them to pack and unpack their own room.  Having input and contributing to the process will help make the transition easier.
For younger children, let them help you pack their stuff and ensure that their belongings are unloaded first so that they may be unpacked asap.  The sooner that they start to see familiar objects around them, the sooner they will begin to adjust.

4)  If you find that your child is becoming bothered or upset during the packing or unpacking process, try to arrange alternative activities for the child during these times.  Sometimes a few hours away will be enough of a distraction to relieve any anxiety that packing/moving can cause for children.
If an alternative activity isn't an option, remember to stay focused on the positive aspects of the move when children are around.  Children pick up easily on their parents stress during a move, but also flourish when others are optimistic.  When we are relaxed, happy and excited, so are our children!

5)  If possible, allow children to keep a few favourite object with them during the move.  The security of the known, will make the adjustment of the unknown that much easier.

6)  Relax and remember to still enjoy the day to day activities that you would normally enjoy.  With a little patience and flexibility, everything will fall into place :)

Kristina Buurman is a local realtor and mom. To get in touch with Kristina, visit her website: