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With all the precautions surrounding COVID-19 and the restrictions about public outings, the Toronto Zoo has come up with the ingenious idea of turning the Zoo into a drive-through safari adventure! It's a win-win situation for everyone... it gives the Zoo a much needed financial boost to be able to reopen its doors to the public, and it gives the public an equally needed diversion from the weeks of self-isolation and all the negative pandemic news by offering a fantastic and safe outing for the whole family.


You will need to buy your tickets ahead of time online, and choose the date and time slot of your choice. A limited number of cars will be allowed to drive through at any given time. The safari includes an informative podcast recording that explains what exhibits you will visit and which animals you may see. Be sure to roll down your windows and get ready to take lots of photos! Even without the animals, it's a beautiful drive through the scenic zoo.

The safari is a 45 minute journey and all cars drive slowly at 5km/hour so that everyone can properly see the sites. Our first animal siting was the Greater one-horned rhinoceros, basking in the sunshine in the Indo-Malaya Outdoor Exhibit.

My daughter was particularly happy to see the stunning zebras. Their legendary stripes do not disappoint in their beauty. Did you know that zebra's stripes all have their own unique pattern, just like human fingerprints. Their biggest role is to help camouflage the zebra from any predators, which fortunately there are none of at the zoo.

My favourite part of the safari was going through the Lion Tunnel. While I was slightly nervous about fitting through the narrow path in our rather large F150 truck, I really didn't have to worry since we cleared through perfectly fine. We completely lucked out to see the male lion with his impressive mane sitting right next to the window ever so close to us as well as a lioness perched atop one of the rock formations.


It's not all big cats and African mammals though, we also enjoyed the Americas exhibit with its fanciful flamingos and colourful macaws against the backdrop of the gorgeous South American waterfall, which sounded as lovely as it looked with its cascading water.

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Aside from the gorgeous wooded setting at the Zoo and all the amazing wildlife, we also appreciated this inspiring artwork. Toronto Zoo’s Exhibit Design staff designed and built this sculpture of a polar bear, named “Poly”, created entirely from plastic waste gathered from local shoreline cleanups, the Toronto Zoo’s own site, and local supporting organizations; plastics that would otherwise have ended up in a landfill.

These were just a few of the sites that we were able to see on our safari journey at the Toronto Zoo. I'm sure each safari will have slightly different variations, depending on which animals appear in view at any given time, but no matter what you see, we guarantee it will be a memorable experience!


The NEW Scenic Safari at the Toronto Zoo is an innovative idea to help keep the zoo afloat while at the same time providing local guests and families the opportunity to continue to enjoy seeing all the wonderful animals. We highly recommend this experience to anyone looking for a unique outing and to anyone who wants to support the Zoo and be a fellow zoo conservationist.

Tickets are for sale now online

Car with 2 or less occupants

$44 Non-Member, $32 Member

Car with 3 or more occupants

$59 Non-Member, $47 Member