Back to articles On September 8 kids aren't the only ones going back to school

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Get reading with the International Literacy Challenge.

September 8th is International Literacy Day and also the first day of school – but not just for kids.
Adults of all ages are looking to upgrade their literacy skills to improve their prospects and reach their potential at work, at home and in their communities.
On September 8th, join millions of Canadians in reaching their potential by taking the International Literacy Day Challenge. Practice life-long learning with these fun literacy activities:

·       Turn off the TV and read a book, newspaper, magazine or online article
·       Read a story to your children
·       Learn a new recipe
·       Add to a blog, Facebook, Twitter or other social media
·       Sign up for a community course

According to the International Adult Literacy and Skills Survey conducted by the OECD and Statistics Canada, four out of every ten Canadian adults have trouble with reading and writing. This means they can have difficulty coping with rapidly changing skill demands in the modern workplace.

Literacy organizations across Canada including ABC CANADA Literacy Foundation, Frontier College,
Movement for Canadian Literacy and the Ontario Literacy Coalition, encourage Canadians to bring literacy to life in their home, workplace and community.

For more information on International Literacy Day, visit UNESCO at <> .

Canadians seeking to upgrade their literacy skills are encouraged to look under “Learn” in the Yellow Pages or at <> for programs nearest them.