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Whale of a Time Children's Parties in Durham, proves that planning a birthday party for your kids is a lot of fun, and the only limits are really your imagination.

Each year we thoughtfully plan out the games, themes, and food on our own, but this year, we decided to try something new and hire Whale of a Time Children’s Parties to come and entertain my four year old daughter and her friends.


This was the first time we’ve ever hired anyone to entertain the kids, and in restrospect, it was a great decision because this was the first year where, instead of running the games and activities, that I actually got to enjoy the entertainment instead of being the entertainment.


Whale of  a Time provides several themes to choose from, such as cooking, jewelry, and pirates, and cater to a variety of age groups, but for our four year old, there was no question that the theme was going to be anything other than a princess party.


When our own personal party princess arrived dressed in her ball gown and ready to entertain her fellow princesses and knights, the children were delighted. Of course, before the party could really get started, everyone had to get ready, which meant  each little girl dressed up in princess gowns, shoes, tiaras, jewelry, and had their makeup and nails done. The boys were outfitted in knight costumes, foam swords and temporary tattoos. Once the court was ready, our princess of the party told stories, led some magic wand making, and took everyone out on the back yard for some party games. 


Everyone, including the parents, had a fabulous time. When it was time for our party princess to go, the princesses got to keep their tiaras, and the knights got to keep their swords. They also received some goodies to take home as well, so we didn’t need to purchase any loot bags. And, the best part of the party for me was that instead of feeling like the party went by in one big blur of activity, I was able to share in the fun the kids were having and I have the pictures to prove it.