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My daughter's favourite colour is pink which is typical of most girls her age. She loves the book Pinkalicious by sisters Elizabeth & Victoria Kann, so when we heard there was an Off-Broadway musical version of it coming to town, we just HAD to go. We were not disappointed!

From the moment we stepped in the theatre, we were entranced. It's like the audience is welcomed right inside the set, which is Pinkalicious' house. There are bright pink mats on the floor for the kids to sit on, right close to the stage. And for the slightly less-flexible parents, there are chairs around the outside. It's a cozy, friendly and inviting setting.


Pinkalicious is a story about a young girl who is obsessed with the colour PINK. She just can't help herself and one day she eats too many scrumptious pink cupcakes. The next morning she wakes up and is totally and completely PINK: her hair, her skin, everything. She is THRILLED, however her parents are NOT! They seek treatment at the doctor who advises them she'll need to adhere to a strict diet of GREEN food to remedy the problem. You can imagine how well that prescription goes over. But when her problem goes too far, Pinkalicious finally realizes it's up to her to take responsibility and fix things.


This musical has everything young girls (and boys) dream of. The characters are lively, funny and bright. The songs are catchy, upbeat and amusing. The set is simple, colourful and fun. The show is an hour full of wonderful entertainment that brings one very special children's book to life.


Pinkalicious: the Musical continues at a new location, the LOWER OSSINGTON THEATRE, 100a Ossington Avenue, Toronto, beginning October 9th and running through December 29th. The show is appropriate for children ages 2 to 10. For tickets and information visit their website at


by Lisa Crowley