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Did you know that injuries are the leading cause of death for those aged 1 to 44 years old? And were you aware that drowning is the leading cause of death in children aged 1 to 4? Nonetheless, only one in seven Canadians knows how to administer CPR correctly, and 40% of Canadian parents do not know CPR at all.
This is unfortunate for those in metropolitan areas, such as the Durham Region, where it takes an estimated eight minutes for an ambulance to arrive at an accident, and only six minutes for serious brain damage to occur.

At the Canadian Red Cross, there are 4,300 certified instructors and hundreds of First Aid courses every year throughout Canada. All Red Cross First Aid training meets national standards, and the Red Cross is the only First Aid provider that incorporates AED instruction in every course. In fact, Red Cross Marine First Aid courses also adhere to Transport Canada regulations, and are great for those who like to go boating in the summer.

First Aid courses range from one to two days, and all courses are taught by certified instructors. Course content varies by course type, but all classes include CPR, choking, barrier devices, pocket masks, and AED training.

Don't become another statistic. Red Cross will provide you with the tools to save a life. Learn how to prevent injuries before they happen, and how to think, react, and improvise in emergency situations. Take a course and prepare for life.

The Region of Durham Red Cross branch and training site is located at 40-585 Wentworth Street East, in Oshawa, Ontario. If you wish to register for a course, please don't hesitate to visit the office, or call 905-723-2933.