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You don't have to be a horse-lover to be smitten by this amazing show that is visiting Toronto for the next month. Stunning scenery, enchanting horses, incredible riding tricks, fabulous acrobats and beautiful music... all combine together for one sensational experience.

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White Big Top

This spectacular show starts off the moment you enter the magical world of the White Big Top. This special structure is 38 metres tall and 100 metres long, seating 2000 people who are about to be utterly enthralled by the 73 horses and 45 performers who make up the Cavalia family.

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Nomads / Nomades | Credits: Pascal Ratth?

Horse Magic

Beautiful, majestic and free! The Liberty horses that perform in Odysseo are all male and range in age from 4 to 17 years old. My daughter, who went with me to Opening Night, is an avid horse-lover, rider and member of a local Pony Club. She was impressed to learn that there are 14 different breeds of horses from around the world in this spectacular show. The bond between the riders and their horses is unmistakably special & intimate and you will witness an abundance of praise being bestowed on these wonderful creatures.

carosello shelley-paulson

Carosello | Credits: Shelley Paulson

Acrobatic Carousel

Everyone loves a carousel but this full-sized merry-go-round, which drops out of the sky, is particularly special. It features some incredibly talented and strong acrobats who showcase their agile abilities with grace and beauty to the sounds of the most angelic singer, Claudia Paganelli.

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Human Pyramid | Pyramide Humaine | Credits: Fran?ois Bergeron

African Dancers

The beat of an African drum keeps these fantastic acrobats going and going. Their pure energy and enthusiasm is captivating as they leap, tumble, jump, climb and groove to the rhythm. You can't help but dance in your seat and clap along with them. Their HUGE smiles show just how much fun these amazing performers are having.

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Grand Cavalia | Credits: Fran?ois Bergeron

Stunning Sets

You are transported into a whole new world as soon as the curtains open. The audience moves from a mystical forest through many various landscapes including sand dunes, glaciers, savannahs and ending in the most stunning waterfall scene, complete with real lake. You experience sunset, the night sky with shooting stars and a brand new day, all transitioning completely seamlessly. The stage includes two hills which are each three storeys tall, sculpted out of 10,000 tons of rock and dirt that was trucked in. The backdrop screen is as big as 3 IMAX screens and they use 18 different projectors simultaneously to create the lavish scenery.

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The Travelers 6 / Les voyageurs 6 | Credits: Fran?ois Bergeron


There was not one second of this show that we were not thoroughly captivated. But as the finale began, we realized the best was definitely saved for last. Between the amazing horses, the talented acrobats, the incredible musicians and the stunning scenary, Odysseo most certainly puts your visual senses into overload. This show is a must-see for young and old alike (although we recommend attending a matinee performance if you have younger children, as the 8pm evening show ran quite late). Cavalia is only in Toronto with its White Big Top until May 10th so don't wait to order your tickets.

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To get a taste of what a fantastic show Odysseo is, you can watch this YouTube video

Cavalia's Odysseo is playing at the White Big Top in the Portlands, Toronto from April 8 through to May 24, 2015.

Visit for more information and click here for tickets.