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Sometimes is can be difficult to find preschool activities and preschool themes that you can enjoy with your toddlers and preschoolers. It doesn't have to be anymore as there are several options out there, and there is not time better than the season of Spring to explore everything you can do.

Cure the cabin fever, you can finally get outside. Even if there is a little bit of snow left, or a few cold days, you can still manage to get rid of most of the cabin fever. All you have to do is bundle yourselves up and get moving. It is time to take bike rides, go for walks, and discover spring.

The first theme you can cover is Spring itself, explain to your little ones what it means, and then show them. Listen to the birds chirping, show them the water in the nearby crick that is higher because of the melting snow. Take lots of pictures and be creative with what you can do outside.

Balls make another great theme. You can grab all the bouncy balls you can find and put them in a large bags. Take them outside and let them roll, the balls and the kids that is. The extra sun and the time outside is sure to get them ready for nap just a bit better than normal. You can come up with rhymes to sing or find several of them online.

Transportation is a good theme to cover because you are outside and can see the different trucks, cars, van, mac trucks etc. You can print out pictures of these things and let the kids color them. You might even be able to find different vehicles to take little rides in around your neighborhood, depending on where you live.

Zoo animals is a good topic to cover as well and there is a lot you can do with it too. First take a trip to the zoo and take lots of pictures of the animals (trust me, you will use them), show the kids the new babies at the zoo (animals) and take their pictures touching animals in the petting zoon. Read about the animals to your little ones if they will pay attention, or skip to the exciting things, and make the sounds of the different animals together.

Once you get the pictures developed you can do a scrapbook together with them. It is nice to let them have their own set of pictures to use because it is a craft for them and as they add more to it over the years they will see themselves growing up and see how they did developmentally.

If you enjoyed these themes for preschoolers you can check out Early Childhood Fun as these themes will be covered in more depth there. You will find activities, songs, crafts and games for several themes just for Spring and all will be for kids ages 2-6. Come visit today and start enjoying the preschool years more -