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Congratulations! Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life!

Emotions of joy, nervousness and excitement are completely normal.  While the clock is ticking, you have started to plan for your new arrival.  Your checklist seems to be growing like your belly.  Take a moment to pause... breathe in... and just relax.  Concentrate on YOU!  Capturing you, your glow and the beauty of pregnancy is something that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  Maternity & Newborn Pictures that are relaxed and stress free!

5 Reasons to have a Maternity & Newborn Sessions Done

1. You are beautiful and life is short.

Let’s face it, you feel uncomfortable, can’t see your toes and don’t even know if your socks match (or maybe you’ve given up on wearing socks!) However you are glowing!  A Professional Photographer knows how to hide areas you are not comfortable with.

2. You’ll never have to say...I wish I had it done.

Life gives us unique experiences, ones that will not be repeated the same way twice.  From the growing belly, jeans that no longer fit, and the beautiful heavy baby bump you’ve’s all unique.   A Professional Photographer is important to capture these wonderful moments in life.

3. Your first family portrait.

Your maternity and newborn images will be your most personal work of art.   Dress up those blank walls with your story of life.  How wonderful for your children to reflect upon years down the road.

4. Fresh new life is a miracle

 Once baby has arrived the first 7-10 days of life is perfect for newborn photography.  They are all curled up as if still in the womb, sleepy and oh so tiny.  Remember how small and fragile they are and what you have helped to create.

5. It’s not as bad as you think.

Get caught up on the dishes, toss a load of laundry in, or just put your feet up!  Since an on-location Professional Photographer comes to you and your home, you do not need to worry about packing everything up.  We do all the work so you don’t have to.  Don't worry about the baby being fussy, that is expected...just relax and you'll be rewarded with the most perfect portraits you'll cherish forever.


Petra King is a local photographer in Durham Region specializing in family photography. To contact her, or to view her portfolio, please visit