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With the Stanley Cup playoffs going on, we thought we would follow the hockey theme this month (even if the Leafs didn't make it). Here are some of our favourite hockey stories!

Bobby Orr, Number Four by Mike Leonetti

Mike Leonetti is my son's favourite author. His books are about some of the great hockey legends (including Tim Horton, Rocket Richard, Wayne Gretzky and Wendel Clark) and he goes into great detail to describe the games they play. Fans of all ages will enjoy this account of one of the most famous hockey players of all time, Bobby Orr.



Brady Brady and the Great Rink by Mary Shaw + Chuck Temple

The Brady Brady series of books is perfect for the young hockey enthusiast. It's about a young boy named Brady (but to get his attention, his parents always have to call his time twice!) who loves hockey more than anything. Brady plays on a team with his friends called the Ice Hogs and his dog's name is Hatrick. There's a fun website for Brady Brady about the books and with games and activites.


Just One Goal by Robert Munsch

This is a classic Robert Munsch story, with a girl hockey player named Ciara as the main character. She is determined to make her own ice rink on the nearby river so she can play closer to home. The story has an action-packed ending that leaves us all hanging!! (literally)



Slapshots: The Stars from Mars by Gordon Korman

This is the first book in a series of 4 chapter books by another great Canadian kid's author, Gordon Korman.

When school sportswriter "Chipmunk" Adelman finds out that Martians-the kids from his hometown Mars-will play on the debut team in the Waterloo Slapshot League, he knows he''s got a scoop hot enough for Sports Illustrated. But the team is in for a big surprise when they realize that they stink!



Dino-Hockey by Lisa Wheeler

If you think dinos in the wild are fierce, you shold see how they behave in the hockey rink! The Meat-Eaters vs. Veggiesaurs is sucre to be quite a match.

This is a cute story written in rhyming couplets for younger kids who love both hockey and dinosaurs!