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Is your baby ready to start signing?



It’s fine to start modeling signs the day your baby is born.  However, many parents prefer to start signing closer to the time their baby is ready to sign back. How do you know if your baby has reached that point? Answer the questions below, and if you find you have checked two or more items, your baby may be ready to start signing. But remember, the more babies see their parents using the signs, the faster they will learn them. Repetition is the key to learning!



q       Is your baby beginning to point to things?


q       Is your baby bringing toys or objects to you and looking for a response?


q       Is your baby beginning to wave “bye-bye?”


q       Is your baby beginning to shake his/her head for “no” or “yes?”

q         Is your baby beginning to take an

        interest in picture books?


q          Even though your baby knows

        some words, are there still

        important things your baby would

        like to talk about but can’t?





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