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Whether it’s learning online from home or wearing a mask in class, all students are adjusting to a new normal this year. As the uncertainty continues into the last few months of this school year, it’s important to ensure that they have the right habits and skills for success next year.


Study skills are an important part of getting good grades. When used consistently, study skills help students learn better in class, prepare for tests and exams more effectively, and get better grades. 

Simply put, study skills can take the stress out of school. Your family already has a lot to worry about this year. Ensuring academic understanding shouldn’t be one of them.

MAKE STUDYING EASIER. Like folding clothes or baking a cake, studying involves a set of skills that can be learned. Without the proper skills, approaching a task — any task — can be confusing and frustrating and rarely leads to the desired result. The same is true for studying and school work in general: without reliable skills, students can feel overwhelmed and unclear about what is expected. That’s why Oxford Learning® builds study skills into every program — to help students learn to study using a systematic, organized approach so that they know where to start and can confidently tackle new tasks and expectations!

MORE THAN MEMORIZATION. Studying, and learning in general, isn’t about memorizing. Instead, proper studying is about deepening comprehension. When materials are understood, students don’t have to rely on their memories, which means more confidence and greater retention. Oxford Learning’s programs help students develop stronger study skills and increased cognitive connections.

Whether your child is writing his or her first elementary school test or studying for the last-ever high school exam, building strong cognitive skills makes the general learning process easier. Ask your local Oxford Learning Centre about how our programs can help your child develop improved cognitive and academic skills that can be used for this grade, and for every grade.


In-Centre or Virtual Tutoring Sessions are available this year from Oxford Learning to meet your family’s needs most comfortably and effectively. A personal teacher-led learning program for each child delivered how, where and when you want it.