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Report cards have recently come out. It's an important milestone in the school year, but it can be very stressful for families. After all, the report card's arrival could mean some potentially shocking and unpleasant surprises.
For students, a bad grade on the report card could mean punishment and restrictions on extra-curricular activities.



For parents, poor grades are a source of concern and worry—is their child facing an educational roadblock that could put dreams and plans for the future on hold? Or worse, eliminate possibilities for the future altogether?


Adding to the stress is the fact that for most families, report cards can be confusing. Changing curriculum and reporting standards mean that the report card is filled with jargon and terms that mean essentially nothing to a parent.


Report Cards today are not the same report cards that parents remember from when they were children, which can make reading report cards an exercise in frustration,” said Joanna Menezes of Oxford Learning Courtice.


Reporting requirements have changed a lot and to make matters worse, report cards seem like they are written in gobbledygook. It just makes them that much more confusing.”


Typically, report cards are upheld as the ultimate indicator of student progress—but they do have their limitations. The report card is but a single snapshot of a child’s progress up to a given point and is not a complete picture of a child’s potential. Oxford Learning recommends that parents consider the first report card of the year as warning sign; if there are any issues with poor grades, take action now.


Parents need to remember that there is still plenty of time to get back on track. It’s a key thing to remember and it can greatly reduce report card stress.


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