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I gave up resolutions years ago… so instead of talking about resolutions, I invite you to step into 2021 with me, taking things one day at a time. Take the pressure off and tune in to your inner self so that you can really create a self-care plan that resonates with you. After all, we all know that when something feels good or makes us happy, we stick to it! Learn to listen to what you need and respond to that.

 I guarantee that approaching your health and well-being with this mindset will have you feeling much better than any resolution can make you feel (and it will likely be longer lasting!).

If you need a little inspiration or guidance here are some of the ways I support & care for myself:

  • Hydrate….. first thing I do before I meditate is drink water. Then I try to keep it up for the rest of the day. Some days are better then others and that's okay!


  • Meditate….. this has been a non-negotiable daily habit for over a year and I really enjoy starting my day this way. Super helpful at reducing anxiety and increasing joy. This year a friend gifted me a stack of affirmation cards, so I am really enjoying pulling randomly from the deck and tuning in to other facets of myself and the universe


  • Nourish…..Most of the time I try to eat whole foods. I meal plan every week (which feels like a burden at times) but really helps to ensure the family is well-fed, minimizes food waste, saves money and allows for better balanced meals and snacks. You can check out my Pinterest food board here. I have made most of the meals I have pinned! Maybe some of these recipes will inspire you and you can add some new family favourites to your week.


  • Sleep…..I fell off my sleep habits over the holidays, just like everyone else, but am working to get back to my early bed time. I noticed I am way off my game without it. If you're looking to improve your sleep habits and need some inspiration, check out the blog here


  • Movement…. this is my daily go to. Whether it's a pre-recorded workout, a walk with my hubby/kids, stretching and mobility work on the floor while watching TV or just cleaning the house, my body feels better when I move it. You can feel better with as little as 10 minutes of movement too!


  • Connection….This means regular calls (like on the phone! not just texting) and check-ins with my friends and family. Getting outside in nature. Limiting my scrolling and time-sucking activity on social media. Reading a good book.

I would love to hear some of the ways you are prioritizing your health and wellness this year too!  Drop me a line and share your plans with me 

Jennifer Rogers is the owner of FITMOM Durham and specializes in prenatal and postpartum fitness.  She has been delivering group fitness programs to  pregnant people and new parents across the Durham Region for over 10 years.  She is also an active birth doula and childbirth educator supporting families throughout their childbearing years.  When she’s not teaching, you can find her walking/hiking along the paths and trails of Durham Region.