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What are your plans to make this summer an educational one? Summer school? Day camps? Lazy days at the beach?

 Whatever your plans, following these tips will make your summer both educational and fun!

  • Read, read, read! Read a book, a magazine, or a comic book. Talk about what you have just read. Make connections, and look up unknown words. Make a chart to track the plot—the key is to think actively about the reading.


    What are your summer learning plans? If you don’t have any yet, give Oxford Learning a call for some ideas. Oxford Learning is Canada’s leading provider of supplemental and enrichment education services, offering individualized learning programs year round and fun Brain Camps in the summer.  Help your child enjoy learning this summer and return to school in September with improved skills and greater confidence.  Visit for information and the location in your neighborhood.  

  • Keep a journal or a scrapbook. Record the day’s activities, or start a short story and add a bit to it everyday.
  • Play games. Games like Soduko, Crossword puzzles, or word games like Boggle, Scrabble, and Upwords are great to challenge the mind and keep it sharp over the summer.
  • Play nature games. Gather materials from around you: a rock, a shell, a flower, an acorn, a penny, etc. Then arrange all the items and study them. Next, cover the items with a towel and ask players to remember as many items as they can. The one who remembers the most wins! Take turns gathering items.
  • Write and perform a backyard play. Tape it, and then watch it together.