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It never fails; I always get an email or four from clients whose children have fallen ill over the holidays. Being sick over the holidays is not fun for anyone, but if your plans are derailed with a sick child (or adult) here are a few natural tips to help get everyone feeling better and ready to enjoy the holidays again.
Remove all sugar from your child's diet.Sugar suppresses the immune system for up to six hours after ingestion, not something we want right now.

Remove all dairy from your child's diet.Dairy is mucus forming in the body, if your child is sick the body is already producing mucus to help clear the pathogens it does not need anymore.

Ensure adequate hydration.If your child does not want to eat that is okay, but you much ensure they are staying well hydrated. Water works well, but herbal teas are even better. They are warming, taste good and provide a lot of nutrients for little bodies that are trying to heal.

Increase probiotics.Yes, you have heard me say it before, 80% of the immune system is in the gut, so while your immune system is doing battle give it a little more support with some extra good bugs. Give one extra dose a day until symptoms begin to clear.

Increase vitamin D.Vitamin D is important for immune health and it plays a role in a healthy immune response. Give one extra dose a day until symptoms begin to clear.

Add vitamin C.Supports the immune system and has been shown to lessen the duration and severity of the cold and flu when take at the onset of symptoms.

Consider elderberry syrup. Elderberry has powerful anti-viral properties. It may be used to treat a cold or flu.

Ensure adequate rest.The immune system is doing battle, it needs all the resources it can get to put up a good fight and win. Keep your child warm and let them rest.

Include fresh raw garlic in your child's diet.Garlic has powerful anti-viral, antibiotic and anti-fungal properties and boosts the immune system. It may not be easy to get a raw clove of garlic into your child, so pressing the juices and adding them to a herbal tea or glass of water will work. If your child is eating try adding it to the food they are eating. If none of that works prepare garlic oil and rub on the soles of their feet. And if your child has an ear infection you can put a drop of garlic oil in the ear canal once per day. To prepare the oil crush a clove of garlic into olive oil and let sit for one hour. Strain the garlic out of the oil and put a drop of warmed oil on the soles of the feet and massage in or put a drop into the ear canal and seal with some cotton before bed. It really works!

Try oil of oregano. Oil of oregano has potent antiviral properties. Use one drop and gently massage into the soles of the feet.

I know it may surprise you that I suggest rubbing these oils on the soles of the feet but each area of the foot as well as the hand, face and ears connect via nerves and energy channels to particular body organs within our system. Rubbing stimulates that particular area and the feet absorb the oils very quickly, making essential oils and massage oils especially effective.

The key when your child does come down with the cold or flu is being ready to support the body and the battle it is undertaking--I hope the information above helps makes the battle quick and easy.

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