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A great way to help your child with their potty training.

One of my favorite tools in potty training is a potty training chart. The basic idea is to hang a simple little chart either in the bathroom, or in a prominent spot in your house that your child sees often. Then every time your child successfully goes to the potty you place a mark or sticker on the chart recording his or her progress.

Why A Potty Training Chart Works

A potty training chart will help your child visualize the progress he or she is making. Adding new stickers or marks to the chart for each little success will instill a sense of pride in your child. Above all, it’s just a lot of fun and turns potty training into a game.

How To Make A Potty Training Chart

A potty training chart can be as simple or as involved as you would like it to be. You can make a chart yourself with a sheet of construction paper, a ruler and some markers. Start by writing your child’s name on the top of the chart. Then draw a few horizontal and vertical lines to make a grid. You can add some more color to the chart with the markers.

If you prefer to create your child’s potty chart on the computer, fire up the old word processor and create a table with several rows and columns. Add some clipart, your child’s name an even a picture to the chart. Print it and you are ready to go.

There are also quite a few potty charts available online. Just search for free potty charts and print them out.

How to Use A Potty Training Chart

Now that you have made or printed a potty chart, how do you use it? Hang the potty chart up in a prominent spot. We like to use either the bathroom door, or the outside of the fridge. The idea is you want your child to see the chart often to be reminded about potty training and to see the progress he or she has made.

Every time your child uses the potty you can either draw a smiley face on the chart. An even better idea is to get some stickers that your child can add to the chart. When the Potty Chart is filled up, start a new one. For some extra motivation, allow your child to trade the completed chart for a small toy.

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