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Tough economic times are afoot. Today‚??s current economic climate means that many families are tightening their belts and eliminating the extras. The luxuries are the first to go: the dinners out, the extra car, the additional cable stations. But the one thing that isn‚??t seen as expendable is education. After all, the only sure-fire solution to riding the wave of uncertainty for our children‚??s future is a better education.

We want to protect and insulate our children from the hardships in life.  What can we do today to help?  I am convinced the best way to accomplish this is by ensuring that they receive a quality education that will help them reach their potential and secure their footing for success in any economic climate.  In today’s uncertain economy we are all watching our expenses carefully.  But we must not let this concern blind us to good investment opportunities.  The values of my financial investments, in RRSPs and RESPs, have diminished to a fraction of their previous levels in the past year.  But the money I've spent on my three children’s tuition and supporting their success in school - or in other words, invested in my kids' education - has increased their personal value and earnings potential exponentially over the same short period.  These investments will have far greater and more certain returns than anything else I could spend money on or invest in these days.    As early as the primary grades, children are developing core skills such as reading, math, and comprehension that are the foundation of academic skills and learning habits that they will build upon for the rest of their lives.  It’s never too early to begin to invest in a stable academic future.  In fact, studies have shown that the earlier young children develop strong reading and writing skills, the greater success they see in the higher grades.  In high school, the earlier that students master key study skills such as organization and time management, the greater their chances of improved grades. Better grades are the single best way to open doors to a promising future. As a parent, and Director of Oxford Learning, I believe that supplemental education for our children is the best and most secure investment that parents can make in these uncertain times.  The value of this kind of investment is priceless!  Once we have helped our children learn how to read, to write, to calculate, to problem solve, to focus, to understandto think and to learn, no one will ever be able to take away these abilities!   When we help them build their confidence, their motivation, their self-esteem, they will have these for life.  What gains could possibly be more valuable to a child, now or in the future?  Tom Hawks owns and operates the Oxford Learning Centres in Ajax and Pickering. Beginning with an in depth assessment, Oxford will design an individualized learning program for each child to build their skills, confidence and motivation, and develop more active minds for learning.