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Spring is finally here! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the grass is green. It's the perfect time to encourage your children to get OUTSIDE and get active, especially since we're all stuck at home due to the COVID Stay at Home order. There are so many fun activities the kids can do by themselves or with you (parents need to have some outdoor fun as well!). Here are our TOP 5 picks for outdoor fun toys this spring!



Sidewalk chalk

Let the kids take their artwork outside. There are endless possibilities for sidewalk chalk. Hopscotch is the first thing that comes to mind. Everyone loves playing that! Switch up the court and make your own design. Click here for the "official rules" of Hopscotch.

Get creative and start drawing: on the sidewalk, on the driveway, even on the trampoline (make sure mom says it's okay first). Write some positive messages for your neighbours or people out walking around. Best part is that you don't have to clean up afterwards... just wait for the next rain to come and wipe your pallet clean!!


Skipping ropes

Skipping is fabulous exercise and good fun too! You can skip on your own (how fast can you go or how long can you skip for?) Or find a couple of friends and skip together. Remember all the old skipping songs from your childhood? My favourite was "Had a Little Sportscar"... click here for a bunch of skipping rhymes/songs. Or try learning double-dutch. That takes some skill and practice but it's so rewarding and fun once you can do it!


Balls (tennis balls, soccer balls, basketballs, baseballs, volleyballs)

Kids can spend hours and hours playing ball. Use a baseball to play catch, kick a soccer ball around the backyard, shoot some hoops with a basketball or lop some tennis balls against the wall with a racquet. You can play volleyball with a beach ball too, the possibilities are endless!

hula hooping

Hoola hoops

All kids love spinning hoola hoops around their waist. Hoola hoops are inexpensive and great exercise. They're also fun to play with. Even parents can join in to see how long they can hold it up. But there's so much more you can do with these simple plastic hoops. Here's a great list of some different hoola hoop activities and games you can try in your own backyard.


Blowing Bubbles

There's something mesmerizing about bubbles! If you don't have any bubble solution on hand, you can make your own... here's an easy recipe to use. Take them outside on a beautiful day. Fill the neighbourhood with bubbles. Floating through the sky, glistening colours in the sun, chase them, pop them, catch them if you can! ENJOY