Back to articles Why all MOMS need a Weekend Getaway!

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Being a MOM is the best and hardest job ever! We do everything for our kids and would do anything for our families. We thrive on raising our amazing little people and love all the sweet parenting moments, like bedtime stories, birthday celebrations and simple trips to the park. But one thing most moms aren’t good at, is taking a break!

I know, I know, it’s so much easier said than done. I get it. Who’s going to drive the kids to their sport's games or music lessons? Who’s going to get them up, make them breakfast and get them to school in the morning? Who’s going to buy the groceries and do the laundry?

Well, you know what? Someone will, and if they don’t, that’s okay too! Your household will survive a couple of days without you. I promise you, they’ll be just fine. You have to let go of the day to day details of family living and get away! Don’t be shy to ask for help… see if a neighbour will walk the kids to school, get your sister to drive them to their activities, let your husband do all the meal planning. And don't underestimate your kids: they can do more than you think. A bonus is that without Mom around, the kids are forced to learn some independence. It's a win-win situation all around!


You don’t have to go far, but you can if you like! So, grab a couple of really good friends (who need the getaway as much as you do), meet for a fun planning lunch, pick a date, book your tickets or your hotel or rental car and start the countdown!

I recently had the supreme pleasure of taking a mini-vacation to Halifax with 2 of my dear friends. It was long overdue… our children are now in their teens! On the early morning drive to the airport, all we could talk about was our kids. Were they going to be okay without us, would our husbands remember all those detailed instructions we told them, would they make it to school all right? But by the time we boarded the plane, all we could do was enjoy our coffees and smile at each other. We had done it. We were going on a holiday SANS kids! And we couldn’t be happier!

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There are many reasons why vacations are so important, but for Moms in particular, here are the TOP 5 ones:

1. Get a break from the monotony

Parenting is tough, running a household is labour intensive and daily chores are simply monotonous. Every day it’s the same ole, same ole (dishes, laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking… repeat!)
For me, one of the best parts of our getaway was literally getting away from all that! And honestly, when we came home tired but refreshed, I enjoyed doing those chores again. They didn’t grind on me like they had been before we left.


2. Have fun and laugh

This one is SUPER important. Pick the right friends to go with you. The ones that make you laugh, the ones that can always see a positive side to anything, the ones whose smile you adore! I have to admit that my friends and I giggled our way through Halifax! Yes, giggled (like toddlers or teenage girls!) Everything we did or saw made us smile and the smallest thing would set us off in hysterics. It was AWESOME


3. Live in the moment

As a Mom, we are always thinking one step ahead. What appointment is on our calendar tomorrow? What time do we have to pick the kids up? Did we sign the form for that field trip? Did our son’s soccer jersey get washed in time for the next game? Did we RSVP to that birthday party and buy a gift? Did we pay off the credit card in time? When was the last time we called our own mother? Do we have all the ingredients for dinner tonight?

Often, we get so bogged down in our TO DO LIST, that we can’t enjoy the moment. When you’re on vacation, it’s all about NOW. Be mindful! Enjoy that stroll through the park, stand in quiet wonder in that art gallery, savour the taste of that afternoon coffee in the sun, absorb the detailed history of the landmarks in the city you’re visiting, feel the muscles in your legs as you take a long steep hike!

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4. Be yourself again

As a parent, you often get so wrapped up in your children's lives that you forget who you are. When you're on holiday with your friends, do what YOU love, what YOU want! Be silly, drink martinis, talk till the wee hours about anything and everything, explore, relax, have fun and recharge your batteries. This is your time, make the most of it and everyone will benefit.


5. Expand your horizons

It’s a great big world out there, get out and explore it! Before I had kids, I did a lot of travelling. In fact, I even met my husband on a big trip I made to Africa. Once you have a family, things change. Don’t get me wrong, you can still travel but it’s harder and obviously more expensive. And your destinations are different choices. Kid friendly places are great but can be limiting.

And it’s amazing how being away from home, changes your perspective. Things that you consider BIG problems quickly seem trivial or at the very least manageable. Having a different view, even if it’s only for a few days, opens your eyes and widens your scope. We’re just a tiny pebble in a huge universe and it’s important to remember that.


Trust me, start dreaming of your getaway. Call a friend, pick a place, make a plan! Just do it. It will be hard to leave the kids behind, it will be a lot of work organizing your household to be without you, it will be stressful getting ready but it WILL be worth it. I promise you!